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Steven L.

Irene Lontz is by far the best disability [representative] there is. I highly recommend her. Irene helped me get my SSI approved when no one else could... She is sweet, kind and very professional, dedicated to her job, as well as her clients. Wow, I have the utmost respect for her.Irene 

Clarynn M.

Irene and everyone else working at the office are absolutely amazing! Never had a bad experience, not even once. They were so helpful and informative, and Irene is an absolute powerhouse in court! ... I absolutely love them!!!!

Leeann M.

Irene Lontz is awesome!!!! If you ever need disability assistance, she is a professional. I love her!! She helped me with everything and I won!! 

Tina H.

She was fast. Stayed on top of it all. Informed me of everything that was happening. Made sure I wrote down everything I wanted to let the judge know. She won my case . I'd recommend Irene Lontz to everyone that I know that has a serious disability.

Heath S.

Irene and Blaine were very kind and kept me informed throughout the entire process. I greatly appreciate their support and encouragement to not despair at the waiting process. I highly recommend them. Thank you Irene & Blaine for your service!

Jill H.

Irene Lontz helped me and a few of my family members get the disability benefits we needed. She has always been professional and she is dedicated to her work. She always responded in a timely manner regarding questions about my disability case. She and her staff have always been kind and helpful... If anybody needs help with their disability benefits, I would highly recommend her and her staff!

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